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where does all the money go?

Your hard work and all the monies raised from your efforts are used soley on the Maccas Project itself, to keep our project running and to give young people a life line. This is an overview of how the funds are used.


Awareness campaigns in local schools, colleges, youth centres,

pubs, clubs, sporting facilities.


Befriending / peer mentoring service with training to

become an MVP.


Creating a HUB for information and signposting.


Developing links with other organisations.


Engaging creatively through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and

other social networking sites.


Facilitating consultation groups for young men influencing our work.


Generating reliable information and support for parents and friends.


Helping challenge the local stigma around getting support.


Informing young males about mental health support options.


Since the beginning of our journey we have been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm to 'do something' shown by our local community.

We thoroughly believe campaigns like the Maccas project are vital. If we stand up and defend young people with mental health problems we can beat the stigma and by doing this we help reduce suicide in our community.

Suicide is a major issue for society and every suicide affects families, friends and colleagues. Our timeline celebrates all those people who have run, rode, swam, printed, sponsored, eaten, dressed up, all in the name of raising awareness and for that we thank you.

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